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sr4 Playbook: On The Path to Sustainable Change

Over the past decade, we have worked with many public and private organization to help them change something fundamental about the ways things are done. And we have learned a great deal about the difference between change as an initiative that’s here today and gone tomorrow and change as an enduring force that transforms not only organizations, but the people within them.

sr4 Learning Catalog

Catalog of learning and development courses designed and facilitated by the sr4 mobilization team.

sr4 Activity Cards

Team building events and activities designed and facilitated by the sr4 mobilization team.

sr4 Organizational Change Model for Helping Employees Live Healthier, More Active Lives

Primary research studies were initiated in May of 2012 with the goal of gaining a better understanding of what works when it comes to influencing well-being habits, and creating supportive social connections within the cultural landscape of a major corporation in the United States. The research, along with ongoing change consultation provided by sr4 and annual network analysis activities, have contributed to the development of an OCM model specific to employee well-being intentions. Included are engagement strategies applied for volunteer ambassadors within the company. Research and consultation by the sr4 inquiry team.

The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry

Excerpts from The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry: A Roadmap for Creating Positive Futures by Bernard J. Mohr and Jane Magruder Watkins.

The Assets for Building Collegiate Recovery (Published April, 2013)

This research funded by The Stacie Mathewson Foundation leverages asset models to describe community-based assets. To date, asset models have had limited application within the field of collegiate recovery. The application of asset models in this context can aid and inform researchers and practitioners interested in the advancement and proliferation of collegiate recovery programs. Importantly this work is not intended to evaluate the effectiveness of any given college-based recovery program. Rather, the intent is to identify the assets that a community can apply to establish, support, grow and sustain collegiate recovery efforts. Research and publication by the sr4 inquiry team.

Capacity Building for Collegiate Recovery, Edition 1 (Published April, 2013)

The following pages could be read as a report from a research team that has spent six months interviewing and surveying individuals with primary experience in collegiate recovery. But don’t be fooled! It is actually a field manual for asset-based community developers. If you are thinking about, engaged in, or stuck in the early stages of a collegiate recovery effort, this is your step-by-step guide for effective action. Research and publication by the sr4 inquiry team.

Market Study for Recovery High Schools (Published September, 2013)

The 2013 Market Study for Recovery High Schools supported by The Stacie Mathewson Foundation presents the landscape of recovery schools (recovery high schools) in the U.S. and offers an analysis of the conditions that will promote or hinder the future expansion of this type of school-based recovery support. Research and publication by the sr4 inquiry team.

The 38 Assets for Building Collegiate Recovery Capacity, 2014 Survey Report (Published June, 2014)

The annual Collegiate Recovery Asset Survey, supported by Transforming Youth Recovery, aims to update studies undertaken to identify community assets that can help students in recovery to thrive in the fullness of the college experience. Research and publication by the sr4 inquiry team.

Story Streaming

At its core, Story Streaming is simply a technique for outlining important information. In addition to helping leaders communicate effectively, you can use Story Streaming to plan strategy, prioritize key activities, align goals and objectives, and generate healthy dialogue. The technique has been developed by sr4 Partners LLC and Sheffield Marketing Partners. Learn more at: