In Their Own Words: Clients share what it is like to work with sr4

We recently asked three clients about their experiences working with the sr4 team. These clients come from diverse industries (professional services, financial, education) and had equally diverse intentions (inspiring ownership through meeting design, engagement improvement, learning design.) The common criteria the clients expressed in seeking external assistance were: creativity, flexibility and willingness to take the time to learn their business/subject matter. And while each engagement varied in terms of objectives, duration and team structure, all three clients reported positive results. Here is what these three clients said about working with sr4 in their own words…


Client 1

Description: Leadership Development Director at a professional services firm with 8,000 US-based employees

Intention: The client from the professional services firm described his intention as needing to, “Connect, challenge and celebrate partners across the firm with a focus on the future.”

Search Criteria: The client from the professional services firm said he chose sr4 for our, “Innovative thinking, creativity, (being) easy-to-work with, adaptability, (and our) change-technology savvy.”

Results: For the client from the professional services firm, sr4 designed and delivered a meeting experience that left the firm’s “partners jazzed about creating the future (of the firm).” He went on to provide additional context he took away from the meeting feedback survey, and said, “Participant survey data (from the meeting) sums it up:

a. ‘(The firm) has a bright future, and I look forward to driving the talent and client experiences that will help us to achieve our goals.’  – Current Partner 

b. In terms of energy to create the future, question #34 asked: ‘To what extent do you feel energized to make a difference to the future of the firm?’ 99% of partners responded favorably.”


Client 2 

Description: Human Resource Manager at a financial firm with 150 US-based employees

Intention: The client from the financial firm came to us with the intention of improving employee engagement survey results. She described her situation by saying; “The organization had areas of improvement from an employee engagement survey and was looking for a grass roots effort to make positive change. We didn’t know exactly what the intention should be at first, and sr4 helped us to break it down into something more manageable.  In the end, we set out on an inquiry to determine what kinds of behaviors, practices, habits in the environment would need to be present for the greatest amount of people to thrive in their roles.”

Search Criteria: The client from the financial firm said, “We were looking for flexibility, creativity, and an organization that would partner with us rather than just tell us what to do.”

Results: The client from the financial firm described the results of her engagement as follows, “The project lasted over a year and evolved along the way. We accomplished the goal that we set out to do and more.” 


Client 3

Description: Senior Health Educator at an education institution with 16,000 students

Intention: The client from the education institution needed help with learning design. She said, “We needed assistance in completing a training tool we hoped to use to educate people on the systems and resources a college student affected by sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking has to navigate.”

Search Criteria: The client from the education institution expressed her confidence in our ability to listen and learn. She said, “sr4 has a proven track record of designing and facilitating meaningful, effective training programs for adults, who are our target audience. sr4 also learns the subject matter of the programs they help to design and with gender-based violence being such a sensitive topic, this was crucial in our selection.”

Results: The client from the education institution said, “We completed a project that had been unfinished for two and half years! We have an innovative, well-received product to use with our staff, faculty and students on campus that will help in improving the campus culture around sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking.”