Creating A Path Event

It is extremely quite in the airport gate area when you arrive 3 hours early. Right now, it is exactly what I was hoping for. And, it is exactly what I needed. I needed a rest area to appear on the path.

Today was the close of a big event that was completely designed to follow the 4 steps of our Path to Sustainable Change. The weeks leading up to any event are always rocky. As deadlines sharpen, the million details begin to haunt you. And, they create anxiety. This is particularly true among clients who have been given the responsibility of pulling off such an event. They are those talented few who have been “rewarded” with the gift of managing an experience that important people will be watching. The pressure can be enormous. As guest lists grow to include high-level executives, people get nervous. What were great ideas a month ago now are questioned. Will people enjoy themselves? Will they learn something new, and useful? Will everyone feel it was worth their time and expense?

Like it or not, you are the recipient of all anxieties. You are the expert that they have hired to get them through the event. And, you are the expert that they have entrusted to create the event that people will tell others about.

As the event unfolded this week, a few incredible things happened.

First, our extraordinary team brought their a-game. This is not uncommon. They are an a-game group. But, when you are reminded of what they can do in the moment to bring an idea to life, it is impressive. And, it makes you exceptionally thankful.

Second, control was released early. Our design was solid and it showed early. Things were working as intended. When clients let go and allow the experience to unfold, it is extremely gratifying. And, it frees you to do your best work.

Finally, our beliefs were on full display. We have come to believe certain things about how sustainable change happens for people attempting change. The roadmap they were given was ours. As I sat on stage presenting the Path to Sustainable Change, it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. Sure, I have done the presentation before. But this time, everyone who contributes to thinking about and teaching this approach was there. On stage, the words I spoke were a collective chorus, and a polished image. Behind stage, our team controlled how people saw and interacted with our work. In that moment, I felt honored to represent them.

I look forward to reflecting more on this event. Right now, I need to get home.

Chris @ sr4