Culture Building through a Community Approach

This past year, we launched our newest approach to building healthy and productive cultures within organizations. The Community Building Approach is intended for companies emerging from the current economic pause with a new strategy or acquisition.

This initiative is being undertaken for a specific purpose—to help organizations articulate a defined identity that will enable them to move forward as a unified company and build a culture, based on their beliefs, that will better allow them to effectively meet emerging business challenges.

We start by seeking an accurate picture of what the community believes in. Our methodology enables honest discourse—supporting community members to “tell it like it is” rather than trying to impress peers, hide information, or blow off steam. The emphasis is on discovery—enabling an inquiry that lets people know there is much  to gain by contributing and sharing information.

A central workshop experience is guided by trained internal facilitators whose role  is to invite the discovery and sharing process and to listen for the meaning/intent of uncovered community beliefs.

We then train an internal Community Team that assumes responsibility for first interpreting the cumulative statements from all workshops (using facilitators to ensure understanding) and then validating a clear set of beliefs for the community.

The end goal is the creation of a Statement of Culture that can be used to transform training, decision-making practices, and leadership development. And, because that statement is reflective of everyone’s voice, we have created an empowered community along the way. A connected group of people that can be called upon to positively affect the very culture they aspire toward. It is a sustainable approach.