Defining sr4 Practices

At sr4 we’ve been working for years to exceed our client’s expectations. Our current and prospective clients might tell you we are in the intention fulfillment business. They’ve heard us say that “we help fulfill intentions at the upper end of what’s possible,” but we learned that we can do more to help our clients understand what that objective actually means for them. They want to know more about what we do, how our structure works, the services our team provides, who on our team they will be working with and their areas of expertise.

So, here you have it. sr4 is a consulting company composed of three distinct, but intentionally overlapping practices. For our clients, everything starts with the right combination of inquiry, articulation and mobilization.

Christopher Hart, who is one of our three partners, leads the Inquiry Practice. It was created on the premise of achieving what you set out to achieve by uncovering what is available to build capacity. The key activities include: (1) research, (2) asset-based approach and (3) network weaving.

The Articulation Practice is led by Bill Seyle, the second of our three partners. Articulation is all about achieving what you set out to achieve by saying what you meant to say, which is essentially our take on more traditional communications. The key concepts include: (1) narrative, (2) vocabulary and (3) structure.

Todd Israelite (Ish), our third partner, leads the Mobilization Practice. Mobilization is all about achieving what you set out to achieve by contributing at the top end of your potential. The key tools include: (1) learning design, (2) facilitation and (3) organizational health.

We thoughtfully consider the needs of every client and every project to ensure our teams are staffed to most effectively and efficiently deliver results that lead to intention fulfillment. Teams may consist of members at the partner, consultant and associate levels. Our partners have at least 15 years experience in each of their given areas of expertise, our consultants typically have 5-10 and our associates are generally newer to their roles. You can learn more about all of our team members, including partners, consultants and associates on the Team Bios section of our website. The rates for each of these levels are reflective of the experience and expertise they bring to the team.

All of our solutions are custom-designed to help our clients fulfill their intentions. We can provide examples of our key activities, concepts and tools upon request. We also consider the sharing of stories an important connecting practice and we would love to get together to talk about intentions we helped to fulfill whenever you would like.