Ideation - Step 2 in Creative Problem-Solving

Not too long ago, we worked with a group focused on behavior change for energy efficiency to plan their 3rd annual conference. The first two years – the conference achieved what it set out to achieve – to share some definitional work, offer some case studies and bring in some speakers to inspire people to go back to work and do something differently. In the end it was a typical – to be expected conference.

This year, there is a new intention – an intention to take this conference to the next level.

We are early in our creative problem-solving journey – but our first step on that journey took place yesterday, in our office.

We hosted an ideation session for ten people. The group included our planning committee as well as representatives from other stakeholder groups.

Our ideation session provided us with the criteria for designing the conference, over 100 unique ideas from the ‘miss the traffic party’ that we hope to host at the end of the day to expert consultation sessions on breaks.

In the end, we had 25 leading ideas that we will work to develop and include in the conference.


Above is a picture of what it looked like.

Erin @ sr4