Path to Sustainable...what?

Our reason for being is to serve as adventure guides on the Path to Sustainable Change. But we make a point of saying that it’s not change for the sake of change. At this very moment, we are at various stages on the Path in five basic categories:

Sustainable Culture…a couple of years down the Path, starting with Declaring Intentions and moving through What Good Looks Like and Willingness to Change — and now we’re at the point where the path broadens out into Igniting Small Beginnings. It’s payoff time. 

Sustainable Leadership…less than six months on the Path, but their Intentions work was already in great shape when we joined them. They are now in the Small Beginnings phase of creating an environment in which organizational leadership is not limited to those with executive titles. 

Sustainable Innovation…six months down the Path, with a pretty good picture now of What Good Looks Like.

Sustainable Quality…about nine months down the Path, in terms of meeting and planning and Clarifying Intentions. Currently on the threshold of Declaring Intentions in a big way, and Defining What Good Looks Like byemploying a variety of media, such as videos, business theater, visual facilitation, and experiential workshops.

Sustainable Branding…just a few weeks on the Path, doing the foundational Intentions work, this time with a large external focus in addition to our usual internal concentration. Our client is the branding agency. We will work with them to Declare our Intentions publicly, through an advertising campaign, and simultaneously work with some 20,000 members of the internal community to Define What Good Looks Like.

Other categories await — wherever there are The few who decide and The many who determine.

Bill @ sr4