The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry

In almost all of our work we apply principles from Appreciative Inquiry. I recently put together an adapted version of The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry for a client I was working with and thought I would share it here. A quote from the beginning of this document nicely sums up why we, at sr4, use this approach.

For much of the last four centuries, humans have sought to improve the world through modern Western science, with its focus on linear logic and dissecting things to understand them. When we’ve applied this approach to technical challenges, such as the need to share information with people on the other side of the globe, we’ve been highly successful. Nevertheless, despite dramatic developments in technological systems, our progress toward developing human systems, such as families, work teams, community groups, corporations, and nations has been much slower. Many people wonder why we can succeed so well in one sphere and have such difficulty in another.

Erin @ sr4