How to Start a Hangout with a Client

If you're starting a Hangout with a client, then here's what you need to know...

  1. Go to

  2. Under the Green button that reads "Join" you'll see the email address that you're joining as. If this reads, "" then you're good to go! Click "Join" and proceed to step 3. If this doesn't read "" then...

    1. Click the button at the bottom that reads, "Switch account."

    2. Select "" If you do not see this as an option, then click "add account" and sign in to with the password amiableabby. 

  3. You should now be in the Hangout. In the upper righthand corner, click the icon that looks like a series of buildings. 

  4. At the top of the next box you should see the phrase, “SR4 PARTNERS only meeting.” Select, “Change.”

  5. When asked “Allow people outside SR4 PARTNERS?” Select, “Allow.”  The box should now read, “Anyone with the link.”

  6. Now, anyone with the link below is able to join the call.

  7. As people join the call, messages will pop-up on the screen that they are requesting to join.  Simply click, “Accept” each time.

Tip: You can change the name of the link each time by changing the text after the last slash. For instance, you could replace the word "huddle" with "conference" or "meeting" if the situation requires a more professional tone. Then, simply follow the same steps above with the new link!