Helping people embrace something new and different relies upon a clear and disciplined approach.

We work with people (like you) and organizations (like yours) who believe it’s time for something new and different. To fully bring that something new and different to life, however, requires getting it out of the minds of a few thought leaders or organizational visionaries and into the hands—and hands-on daily habits—of all the many who will need to embrace it. This is where we come in. This is what we do, all day every day. And it’s real and it’s human and we love it.

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Learning design
Leadership development
Team building
Culture building
Capacity building
Comprehensive change management


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We focus on 3 Levels of Engagement designed to help people and groups learn to embrace something new and different.

We call upon these 4 Practices to do our work and achieve desired outcomes for each level of engagement.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by saying what you meant to say. At sr4, we believe that words matter, and that you can’t bring anything new into the world until there’s a word for it. And so, this practice area involves helping you clarify and simplify your messaging and find powerful words to communicate what you want to say.

We clarify. We simplify. We write. And we help you find the right words and stories.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by uncovering what is available to build capacity. At sr4, we believe in appreciative inquiry, the notion that the talent and resources people commonly need to change are often in their midst but hidden from view. And so this practice area involves making things visible, starting from internal strengths and applying research to uncover gaps and adapt to local challenges.

We uncover assets. We research. We adapt. And we help people change attitudes and behaviors.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by helping people contribute at the top end of their potential. At sr4, we believe that most people want to contribute as much as they can. But a lack of tools or training often holds them back. And so this practice area involves teaching, coaching, and facilitating engagements for skill-building and organizational health.

We teach. We coach. We facilitate. And we help you build a healthy organization.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by making the invisible visible. At sr4, we believe that the right visuals can make all the difference. And so this practice area involves helping you discover the pictures, images, and informational expressions that can connect heart and mind to a new set of values, a new way of working, or a new vision for the future.

We imagine. We design. We make practical. And we help you connect hearts and minds.