Be Present

Be Present

At sr4, we have five beliefs that guide our day-to-day work - one of which is to be present. Easier said than done. It is hard to maintain concentration and be “on” 100% of the time. As you may be experiencing while reading this, many challenges get in the way of being present. These challenges include:

·      The difficulty in having a cell phone attached to us at all times. In an experiment with 200 participants, researchers found that simply placing a mobile communication device on the table or having participants hold it in their hand was a detriment to their conversations. Any time the phone was visible, the quality of conversation was rated as less fulfilling when compared to conversations that took place in the absence of mobile devices.

·      Our attention span is now only 8 seconds. That’s 4 seconds shorter than it was 15 years ago.

·      The average human can speak 120-150 words per minute. We are able to process way more than that. This creates a gap where our mind wants to absorb information even though we are unable to.

·      About half the time, we are thinking about something other than what we are currently doing.

·      Multitasking can more than double the amount of time it takes to complete an activity.