Team Member Spotlight: Erin Jones

Team Member Spotlight: Erin Jones

Get to know team member, Erin Jones in #sr4Questions.

1. What brought you to sr4?

My sister Kate. She was working with the team and thought that some of the skills I had would be an asset to the business. I think my very first project with the folks here was a one-day project – I was still in college, home for the summer, and they brought me in to organize the materials room.

Many years and a few jobs later, when I was about to graduate from my master’s program, I was at a meeting for a client in Deerfield, sitting next to Bill Seyle and we had a conversation about my plans for the future. I realized then that I cared more about who I was going to work with than what I was working on. This realization freed me up to finish my Master’s in Geography & Environmental Studies, defend my thesis on beet juice as credible alternative to salt as a road deicer, leave my role at the U.S. EPA and join the team at sr4. I disregarded that I had studied and worked in the environmental field for close to a decade and came to work for an organization of great people…and that mattered more to me than anything else.

2. How do you contribute at sr4?

I am a principal here at sr4, which means that I serve clients, find new opportunities to help clients embrace something new and different, manage full-time consultants and associates and, internally, help our organization to be a healthy place to work. I often think of myself as the coxswain in the sport of crew. A coxswain is like a coach in the boat, steering, executing race strategy, keeping a crew synchronized and motivating rowers to pull harder on their oars.

3. Discuss a time when you had to experience something new and different.

When I decided to come to sr4, I had to teach myself about the work that we do. I read a lot of books and I still continue to do so. I highlight and flag and write notes in the margin. sr4 is where I embraced something new and different.

On a personal note, I’m an early adopter. I have a natural inclination to test new and different things. I signed up for a Divvy membership before the bikes were on the street and if you haven’t moved on to Spindrift from LaCroix yet, I’d recommend you do!

4. What is one of the most important things that you’ve learned being an on the team at sr4?

At sr4, I learned how to listen, how to communicate and how to lead projects effectively. But more importantly, I learned when traveling with colleagues to wait for them at the gate when arriving home. ish and Chris taught me the importance of taking care of the team as you would close family and friends. Hopefully, at the end of vacation, you wouldn’t leave your family at the gate, so take care of your colleagues and wait for them too.

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