Team Member Spotlight: Harrison Stamell

Team Member Spotlight: Harrison Stamell

Get to know team member Harrison Stamell in #sr4Questions.

1. What brought you to sr4?

I first got involved with sr4 because they were designing a talent immersion game for one of their clients and I was asked to test it out and offer feedback. From that experience, I realized that sr4 was a fun, creative company that liked to design impactful experiences, so I wanted to be part of it.

2. How do you contribute at sr4?

I have a background in event planning, which often comes in handy. I’m also a facilitator where I help teams to collaborate effectively; this gives me a chance to pull from my background as a camp counselor and improviser!

3. Discuss a time when you had to experience something new and different.

While I was studying at Tufts, I joined the Bhangra team. This was a very new experience for me - mostly because I was never on an organized dance team before. In the end, it was incredibly fun because I felt out of my comfort zone and got a chance to learn something new.

4. As you know, sr4 has five beliefs: be present, create a healthy climate, speak your truth, take ownership, and have fun. Which of these beliefs resonates with you the most?

The sr4 belief that resonates with me the most is, "speak your truth." It seems easier to develop trust within a group when everyone is open about what they're thinking.

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