Team Member Spotlight: Kate Jones

Team Member Spotlight: Kate Jones

Get to know team member, Kate Jones in #sr4Questions.

1. What brought you to sr4?

I am a boomerang employee. I started working with Chris and ish in 2005 at Bliss Training and Consulting. After I went to grad school, I was interested in trying something new and so I moved to California and worked for Accenture and Breakthrough Collaborative there before moving back to Chicago. After having my first child, I worked remotely for Breakthrough, but I missed having colleagues who I trusted, who would push my thinking, and who I enjoyed working with. After a few conversations with ish, we worked out a part-time position that set me up to be at my best.

2. How do you contribute at sr4?

I contribute at sr4 in a variety of ways. I think I often act as the heart of the company in that I am always thinking about our impact on people and helping people grow and develop. Also, in a gentle way, I continue to push for improvement and new thinking in the work that we do. I am a learning designer first, and a combination of career coach, facilitator, consultant, project lead, strategic planner, and/or contributing team member second – whatever it takes to fulfill our clients’ intentions.

3. Discuss a time when you had to experience something new and different.

The biggest change that I’ve had to embrace is becoming a parent.  When I became a mother, I had to figure out how to adjust to a lifestyle where my children were dependent on me. Thus, I had to prioritize my time better to make myself happy professionally, while also nurturing my children.

4. How do you work and collaborate with others? What does it mean to you?

Collaborating with others is less about self-efficacy and more about what I call “collective efficacy.” My work here at sr4 very much requires collective efficacy, which is where we grow confident in each other’s ability to push our thinking and expand possibilities to put our best foot forward. It is built on the basis of a growth mindset, and an awareness of the fact that our work gets better when we bring in the perspectives of others. It requires openness to feedback, the pursuit of continuous improvement and a common language with which to communicate clearly. I’m always better when I have my team working with me and I love helping the teams I consult with develop their own sense of collective efficacy.

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