Join us June 2oth for

Healthy culture: How gender inequity is costing you


Did you know that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry means and for every 10% increase in gender diversity on the executive team, EBIT rises by 3.5%? 

If you find yourself wondering:

·     How might we attract more female talent?

·     How can we develop and engage our female up-and-comers?

·     Why don’t we have more female leaders in our organization?

 Join us!

Over breakfast we’ll discuss how you might take advantage of the recent gender imbalance awakening in this country and harness the business case for increasing gender diversity at all levels. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the most recent research and receive materials to write the case for your organization. This experience is meant to be an intimate conversation among leaders and is limited to 30 spots.

By the end of this breakfast, you will:

  • Have an awareness of how gender inequality may be costing your business

  • Receive the materials and framework for writing the business case for your organization

  • Have a fun and inspiring learning experience

Thursday, June 20th


Industrious Evanston: 909 Davis St, Suite 500

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