How to Craft Invoices in Harvest

How to Craft Invoices in Harvest

Crafting invoices in Harvest is a breeze!  This helpful guide will break it down for you step-by-step.

  1. Go to Invoices > Overview.

  2. Click New Invoice and pick your client.

  3. To pull in hours or expenses from timesheets, choose to invoice Based on tracked time and expenses, then click Next Step. Tips:

    • Tasks must be checked as billable on your project (in the Projects section) in order to be pulled into an invoice.

    • Rates must be entered on your project in order to calculate your billable totals. Make sure that all rates accurately reflect those stated in your contract (in the Projects section).

    • Only billable expenses can be included on invoices.

    • For projects with a fixed fee, add the total fee as an expense (in the Timesheet section) and use the category "Project Fee." This will treat the total fee as an expense and ensure that it appears on the final invoice.

  4. Fill out the Create Invoice page, then click Next Step.  Tips:

    • Only invoice for one client’s project at a time.

    • Under Billable hours select All uninvoiced billable hours. This ensures that you account for any time that may have been clocked after last month’s invoice was processed.

    • For Invoice type select Summary by people hours.

    •  Under Billable hours select All uninvoiced billable expenses

    • For Expense type select Summary by category.

  5. You’ll see a draft of the invoice to review. Update the following fields:

    • Enter the PO Number for your project.

    • Enter the Due Date. Refer to payment terms outlined in the project’s contract if needed.

    • For Subject, use the following example: Project Name – Month, Year

    • Under Notes, add an attention for whom the invoice is addressed. For example: Attn: Client Name - Thank you!

    • If your project has a fixed project fee, use the dropdown to it's left to ensure it is labeled Fee.

  6. Click Save Invoice.

  7. At the bottom of draft  invoice, click Attach Expense Report (if needed).

  8. Download the pdf to your desktop and send to ish or Chris. Remember:

    • Include any expense receipts (if needed). Check out the detailed instructions for exporting expense receipts below.


How to Export Expense Receipts

  1. Go to Reports > Expense.

  2. Select the timeframeclient, and project that you’d like to include in your report.

  3. In the Export dropdown menu, select the Export Receipts as PDF link. A PDF containing all expenses that have receipts will be emailed to you. The report contains summary information about the expense as well as the receipt image. If you upload receipts as PDFs with multiple pages, then you’ll see each page of your original PDF receipt printed in this report as well.