Video Conferencing 101

Video Conferencing 101

G-Suite is sweet! Especially when it comes to video conferencing and presenting in the conference room. Here are some helpful tips to get your started.

A. Here's how to schedule a video conference:

  1. Schedule the meeting.

    1. Create a new meeting on your calendar.

    2. Under "Where" click "Add video meeting details."
    3. Click "Save."
    4. Now that the meeting has been scheduled, a video conference link is generated for that specific meeting.
  2. Attend the meeting.
    1. Click the "joining info" link on the calendar invite.
    2. Click "Join Meeting."
  3. You should now be in the Meeting. Enjoy!


B. Here's how to schedule a meeting on the Chromebox in the conference room:

  1. Complete the steps to schedule a meeting in A1, and ensure that you select the sr4 conference room as your room.

  2. Log into the Chromebox.

    1. Turn on the TV using the long black T.V. remote.

    2. Press “input” on the long black T.V. remote.

    3. Using the up/down arrows on the long black T.V. remote, select “Hangouts” and press enter.

    4. Press any button on the small black Chromebox remote to start.

  3. Log into your meeting.
    1. Your meeting should appear on the Chromebox homepage.
      1. If your meeting doesn't appear here, double-check that the meeting on your calendar is scheduled (1) in the conference room and (2) has a video meeting link.*
    2. Use the directional pad on the small Chromebox remote to select your meeting.
      1. If your meeting does not appear on the Chromebox calendar, you can still access it by manually entering the meeting code using the keypad on the Chromebox remote. The meeting code is the series of letters that follows in your meeting's hyperlink.
      2. For example the Huddle link is: and the Huddle meeting code is mxogczrqwb.
  4. You should now be in the Meeting. Enjoy!


C. Here's how to Present from your Laptop using the Chromebox:

  1. Join the meeting via Chromebox by completing all of the steps listed in steps A and B.
  2. Join the meeting via laptop.

    1. On any laptop, click the "joining info" link in the calendar invite for the meeting.

    2. Click "Present to meeting."

  3. Share your screen.
    1. Select if you'd like to present your entire screen, or a single application window.
    2. Any number of people may follow these steps.  To jump between people, you simply click “Present to Everyone” on the computer that wishes to present.