Employee Recognition Linked to Company Values

The Challenge 

The Director of Corporate Communications at a financial services firm wanted to improve an internal employee rewards program and align it with the firm’s long-term vision and values.

The Engagement 

To assess the positive attributes of the employee rewards program we designed and facilitated a number of focus groups. Then, with the information collected, we created feedback reports featuring data visualization of both qualitative and quantitative results to showcase the connections between the program and company values.

The Results 

Our detailed findings report included best practices in employee awards and recognition programs, a breakdown of the firm’s current recognition strategy, and how it could be further improved to connect to the firm's long-term vision.

The sr4 Insight 

We’ve learned that by making interview and focus group questions standard across different lines of business, levels of employees, and locations of employees, it is possible to derive insightful results on employee engagement within a company-wide program. Such results can shed light into the effectiveness of company engagement programs and the ways in which recognition can reinforce espoused corporate values.



andy montgomery