Facilitation Training


The Challenge 

The Director of Innovation at a financial services company wanted to improve his team’s facilitation skills in their innovation lab and help them find their inner strengths.

The Engagement 

When we first observed the team of facilitators in action, we learned that each individual had different strengths and opportunities for improvement. This inspired us to build a community of facilitators so that they could practice continuous improvement and learn from one another. We then designed a skill-building session that provided the company’s facilitators with a common language and method for self-evaluation and improvement through peer-to-peer feedback.

The Result 

In addition to the training, we were able to build a way for the team to leverage one another’s strengths and identify areas for development together. This community of facilitators continues to offer ongoing coaching support to improve group facilitation skills that they learned in the workshop.

The sr4 Insight 

We believe that every individual has specific strengths that are not always fully recognized. By helping to show that good facilitation outcomes can emerge from diverse approaches, team strengths can be identified and then applied to accommodate a variety of learning preferences among participants.

andy montgomery