Impactful Announcements


The Challenge 

The Director of Customer Innovation at a pharmaceutical company wanted their team of one hundred employees to fully embrace multi-channel marketing.

The Engagement 

When we first spoke with stakeholders at the organization, it became clear that many employees were anxious about the new marketing efforts. Many believed that they didn’t have the resources needed to successfully execute the strategy and maintain a necessary level of compliance. To ease these fears and increase awareness about the strategy, we delivered a three-hour listening session complete with guest speakers, expert panels, and an interactive listening guide.

The Results 

The two-way information sharing proved that not only was multi-channel marketing possible, it was necessary to keep up with the competition. This session led to sustainable and self-directed change over time.

The sr4 Insight 

We believe that employees learn and grow more from "pulling" information rather than "pushing" information at them. By guiding groups toward discovery and self-reflection, audiences can more fully realize why a change is taking place and how they can contribute.

andy montgomery