Meeting Support That Leaders Need

The Challenge 

The Executive Leadership Team at a financial services company wanted a two-day meeting to get the firm’s top 130 decision-makers together to develop, share, and embrace a common strategic vision.

The Engagement 

We began by using a four-step creative problem-solving methodology (clarify, ideate, develop, implement) to lead the Executive Leadership Team through a series of sessions aimed at refining the meeting objectives and developing interactive meeting experiences that could deliver content in purposeful ways. Once on-site, our team of coaches and facilitators supported the designed experiences and managed logistics so that company leaders could focus on the relationships necessary to help people embrace the strategic vision.

The Results 

A follow-up survey from meeting participants reported that 87% of participants believed that the meeting objectives were "quite effectively" or "very effectively" met over the course of the two-day meeting.

The sr4 Insight 

We believe that there are many times when we need to continuously challenge, continue to develop, draw on past learning, and get input from others. Embracing something new and different is only possible when we commit not to settle.

andy montgomery