New Employee Orientation

The Challenge 

The Head of Employee Engagement and Communication at a pharmaceutical company wanted a fresh, best-in-class orientation program for newly hired employees to feel welcome and ready to thrive in their new job.

The Engagement 

After observing the existing orientation program, we saw an opportunity to make the experience more interactive and appealing to multiple learning styles. We designed a customized suite of interactive activities and learning modules aimed at giving new employees needed information and empowering them to share experiences and learning beyond the initial orientation. In addition, we trained a team of in-house facilitators to deliver the program, gather the best practices shared, and integrate that learning back into the orientation over time.

The Result 

Following the engagement, the facilitators of the program continued to meet on a regular basis, ensuring that the program continued to improve and remain relevant. Participant surveys say that newly hired employees now feel more confident and supported in their roles, and have a set of helpful resources to reference during their initial employment period.

The sr4 Insight 

We believe that orienting new employees takes more than a day - providing a roadmap for their first month makes a big difference! Also, by creating a network of passionate subject-matter experts who are ready to guide and mentor new hires, new employees can feel embraced by a company at the start of their careers. From the minute new hires walk into their orientation, companies should strive to create an atmosphere of support for personal and professional life transitions.



andy montgomery