Pathways to Recovery

The Client 

Facing Addiction and Transforming Youth Recovery, two national non-profit organizations dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in our country, have joined forces to find new ways to help those who are suffering, and those who care about them, better access needed treatment and recovery support in their communities.

The Challenge 

Addiction is a devastating illness. Part of this multifaceted problem is the profound misunderstanding and stigma surrounding addiction, which creates shame and reticence to seek help. But another part of the problem is the difficulty in finding trusted information.

The Engagement 

The Addiction Resource Hub, featuring Capacitype mapping technology developed and managed by our web development team, is a national initiative designed to collect and organize data from all corners of the field. This includes resources specific to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support efforts in communities across the country. And it involves creating tools for large-scale community asset mapping efforts throughout the nation. Until now, this information has been highly fragmented and overwhelming to process – especially when trying to make immediate care and support choices.

The Results

This effort reflects the first-ever combination of evidence-based resources with real-world, practical experience. The result is a growing database that aims to rapidly connect more people to resources that can initiate and transform life-long recovery.

The sr4 Insight 

We now know that building capacity for pathways to recovery in our communities is an all-in process. It requires us to make those resources visible that others are finding helpful and useful, and then rapidly connecting people in need with the countless people, places, and services that stand ready to support them.

andy montgomery