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So you have an intention, and you’d like to see it fulfilled at the upper end of what’s possible…

At sr4, we have built an entire company to help you do exactly that. Everything starts with the right combination of three practices:

The Articulation Practice

Achieving what you set out to achieve by saying what you meant to say.

The Inquiry Practice

Achieving what you set out to achieve by uncovering what is available to build capacity.

The Mobilization Practice

Achieving what you set out to achieve by contributing at the top end of your potential.

What's Your Intention?

sr4 exists because there are people out there who are moving forward with an idea, a concept, a strategy, a plan, an implementation, a task, a job, a message - or a dream. We are working for all those intenders who want to see their intentions fulfilled at the upper end of what's possible.View the list of current intention projects

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The sr4 Playbook

On The Path to Sustainable Change, there are always The Few who know - and The Many who are thinking of other things. The Few who decide what to do – and The Many who determine how much gets done; The Few who see something new and different – and The Many who have heard it all before.

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Paths to Employee Well-Being

A year of focus on helping companies enhance the personal well-being of their employees has led to create a series of innovative network-based practices that can contribute to a healthier and more active workforce. Designed from our foundational Path to Sustainable Change, our consultation in this area has been informed by extensive research done by sr4 to uncover personal and group engagement strategies within a major U.S. corporation.  

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We are thrilled to support the launch of Capacitype which features a suite of web-enabled tools designed to connect individuals, groups and communities that are actively building a certain type of capacity for the kind of change you intend. The Capacitype platform encourages the mapping, exploration and sharing that can emerge across any interconnected system.

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In our experience, the cost of fulfilling an intention is often the same whether you achieve 20 percent of what’s possible or 80 percent.