You have an idea That depends on a considerable number of people



We believe that the world is full of powerful intentions that get fulfilled at only a small fraction of their potential.




who we are

A world of difference exists in the gap between fulfilling an intention at an acceptable level and fulfilling it at the upper end of what's possible. That gap is where we live. It's what we think about. What we inquire about. And what we work on with ever-increasing degrees of understanding.

We come to work each day to do one thing - fulfill intentions. 


what we do

We are a change management company that has yet to find any boundaries for our work. Simply, we are hired to help people embrace something new and different. We know there is a hidden capacity in your intention for change - a potential that is not yet evident or active.

Our job is to help you impart the awareness, deep understanding and ownership within others to do something new.


how we do it

It is a matter of looking for the best expression of someone, somewhere, to some extent, doing something that's somewhat like what you are looking for. And then, at the level of daily routines and influential connections, working toward having everyone, everywhere, to a great extent, doing everything very much like what you had in mind. 

To do this, we focus on helping you say exactly what you are looking for, and then using those best expressions to build the capacity for everyone to contribute at the top end of their potential. 


The few and the many

You have spent a lot of time thinking about an idea, or new way of doing things. 

And The Many don't get it, aren't doing it or don't care because they are busy dealing with what is right in front of them.

This problem exists because between The Few and The Many there is a chasm. It is a chasm which opens because The Few have spent months or years building context for why this something new and different is so important. And The Many have none of that context.

Our job is to help you cross the chasm and realize the potential value in a considerable number of people learning to embrace your something new and different.

Everything starts with the right combination of three practices


Achieving what you set out to achieve by saying what you meant to say.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by uncovering what is available to build capacity.


Achieving what you set out to achieve by contributing at the top end of your potential.


people and groups that have called us to help

  • A leadership team of a biotech startup that was building a healthcare company they could all be proud of
  • A philanthropist who is setting out to transform youth recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions - one community, one school, one student at a time
  • A company President of International Operations who is creating a global environment in which every employee is working every day to be more ethical in everything they do
  • A CEO who is inviting 16,000 U.S. employees to be well and live healthier, more active lives 
  • A marketing team that needs sales and service personnel to speak with confidence and consistency in front of the customer
  • A company CEO who is undertaking an inquiry into what it will take for everyone in the firm to feel that they are thriving in the work they do 
  • A Marketing Director who is transforming her team’s mindset from operational excellence to strategic partnership


the company name

The “4” in sr4 represents our three founders plus you, anytime you’re working with us. The “sr” is something we don’t talk about much – but, well, the “s” stands for “subsume” and the “r” for “resonate.” Thus, our company name is a code that can be roughly translated into this ever-present sentiment: When you work with us, you become part of our name, we subsume our identity to yours, and we always seek to resonate with your intentions toward fulfillment.