How We Do It

We use a four-part model to help our clients achieve real results within a defined timeline.

1. DEFINE: We Start By Setting Strategic Objectives

We believe an outstanding experience involves thoughtful and strategic thinking from the very beginning. We use input, observations, and clarifying questions to diagnose your organizational health and set unique objectives and parameters that will guide our engagement with your organization.

2. DESIGN: We Imagine What’s Possible and Make a Plan to Get There 

When designing a project, we always plan for the healthiest possible outcome, whether that outcome requires a more conventional approach or extreme, out-of-the-box thinking. Our commitment to thinking differently and imagining all of the possibilities is a big part of why our clients consistently achieve their goals after working with us on a project. We are constantly researching to improve our toolkit and bring what is new and useful to the table, while also being mindful of what is tried, tested, and proven in your industry. 

3. DELIVER: We Show Up As Partners

One of the first pieces of client feedback we ever received was that we “really showed up”, and that resonated with us, because it perfectly describes our core values here at sr4 “Partners”. We take the partnership with our clients very seriously, and when we execute a project with your team, we take full ownership of both the deliverables and the results. Our goal is to be a true extension of your team on the path to optimal health, whether you partner with us for one project or for ongoing consulting.

4. EVALUATE & ADJUST: We Identify What Worked & Make It Better

We believe in exemplifying a growth mindset. We are constantly checking the pulse of our engagements and seeking to identify which parts of our work have the largest positive impact on our clients’ health and success... then we do those parts even better. We are also constantly fielding client feedback and taking it back to the lab, seeking to evolve our work to be more helpful based on both qualitative and quantitative feedback.


 Connect With Us

We’d love to connect with you and learn a bit more about your organization and goals.