Better results with the people you already have.

We’re an organizational health consultancy, dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance with the people they already have.

We do this by focusing on four areas:

Healthy leaders

Healthy leaders are self-aware and committed to realizing their full potential and the full potential of the people they lead.

Healthy leader services include:

  • Leadership 360s

  • Coaching

  • New leader clarity

  • Presentation skills

Cohesive teams 

Cohesive teams are psychologically safe, engage in healthy conflict, and clear about their purpose and priorities. 

Cohesive team services include:

  • Leadership off-sites design and facilitation

  • Team meeting design and facilitation

  • Conference design and facilitation

  • Team building experiences

  • Learning design

  • Skill-building and training sessions on topics such as

    • Creative problem-solving and innovation

    • Communication skills 

    • Collaboration skills 

    • DiSC

    • Healthy conflict

    • MBTI

    • StrengthsFinder


Thriving culture

Thriving cultures enable your business strategy and objectives.

Thriving culture services include:

  • Denison Organizational Culture Survey

  • Culture Kaizen

  • Diversity & Inclusion


Inclusive change

Inclusive change is when team members at all levels of your organization embrace what’s new and different through an inclusive change management approach. 

Inclusive change services include: 

  • Change narrative writing and teaching

  • Segmented change management planning and execution

  • Formation and facilitation of change champions

  • Training and learning design

  • Meeting design and facilitation


Practice Areas

Healthy leaders

Cohesive teams

Thriving cultures

Inclusive change 

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